Fast Emergency Plumbing Service

A plumbing emergency means right away, not tomorrow and certainly not “the next business day.” Whether you have a burst pipe, a clogged toilet, or a water leak, you want professional plumbers out to you as soon as possible.

At Home Pros of Miami, Inc., we understand the urgency of a plumbing emergency, which is why we’re ready to dispatch our pros fast! We have experienced and licensed plumbers who can help with water mains, water heaters, and a wide array of other problems. We also have the advanced tools to find the problem quickly and develop a solution that gets everything under control as quickly as possible.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

Water heaters are an important part of today’s modern plumbing. You depend on the heat for comfortable showers, for cooking, and for basic sanitation. If there’s a problem with your water heater, you want to get it fixed right away.

At Home Pros of Miami, Inc., our plumbers will be able to figure out the problem and make the repairs on the first visit. This could include changing the temperature, the pressure, and addressing valve concerns. When you’re looking to reduce your water bill, we can alter the settings to help you.

In some instances, there might be the need to install a new water heater – and we can help. Whether you want to go traditional or tankless, we will talk to you about the needed capacity, the manufacturer models available, and more. This allows you to get a good water heater for your home or business without breaking the bank.

Leak Detection And Repair

Leaks are often hard to detect because they take place under flooring or behind walls. If you see a leak, it’s because the problem has been happening for a while and now it’s just starting to show up where you can see it.

At Home Pros of Miami, Inc., we have advanced leak detection tools that allow us to see what’s going on “behind the scenes.” Once we see where the leak is and how extensive it is, we can make the repair. Our goal is always to fix leaks as efficiently as possible, without having to rip down drywall or anything else in order to get to it.

If you have a leak or suspect that you do, call us at (786) 712-1651 so we can schedule someone to come out and have a look.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer camera inspections are of the utmost importance, especially when you’re looking at buying property. Before you buy, you should find out the condition of the sewer lines so you know if there are going to be problems down the road. Sewer lines that show trouble can tell you to find a different property or use the information from an inspection to help negotiate the price.

A small camera is outfitted on a snake and then pushed into the sewer lines. This allows us to show you the sewer lines in all of their glory. If there are blockages, corrosion, or anything else, we will be able to see it on a special monitor. It’s an eye-opening experience in many instances and is a tool used to diagnose problems, too.

Particularly in older homes, the sewer camera inspections are a necessity to be able to learn just what condition they are in so we know how to go about repairs and other plumbing work.

Call Home Pros of Miami, Inc. today and we can schedule your inspection.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a nuisance. They cause water to go all over the place and might start to smell, too. At Home Pros of Miami, Inc., we’re here to find out the cause of the clogged drain and fix the problem. Some of the most common reasons for a clog is because of hair and other items going down the drain as well as poor water pressure.

We have various techniques to discover the problem and get the drain flowing again so that you don’t encounter problems anytime in the near future. Call us at (786) 712-1651 today and let us help you with your clogged drains.

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Whether home or office, Home Pros is committed to providing fast and effective plumbing services to fix your emergency.

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Whatever repair at whatever budget, Home Pros provides you with excellent plumbing services at the fairest rates in town.

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